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With over 35 years in the leather goods industry, Aberdeen's designs are proven to last. We know where the best leather and hardware comes from. We work with the best manufactures that still rely on old world techniques. We also know what details you are looking for and incorporate them into all of our designs.

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Our Leather

Leather Tannage:
Aberdeen Leathers feature pure vegetable tanned cowhide leathers. Free of modern day chemicals, our leathers are tanned naturally with tannins and oils found in numerous trees and other vegetation.
Only the finest grading selection of hides are considered for Vegetable tanning, as this method is time consuming and costly compared to that of modern day chemical or chrome tanning. Due to the lack of chemicals used in this process, Vegetable tanning is considered environmentally friendly.

This 100% vegetable tanned leather is placed in large drums and tumbled to achieve a softer “milled” finish in hand. Coloring is struck through with aniline dyes and then enhanced with light natural waxes. This allows for the rich full grain to be maintained. No harsh pigments or paint are used that might alter the full grain. Our Milano leather will continue to breath, allowing it to age gracefully and gain an even more beautiful patina.

For the leather purist who demands a smooth vegetable tanned leather of the utmost premium selection. In choosing Harness leather, you’ll be selecting a leather that reflects all the natural beauty of full grain character. This leather is most commonly known in the making of English riding saddles. After the completion of the tanning process, the hides are then “hot stuffed” with additional natural oils and fat liquors. This treatment will enhance and naturally give the leather a rich patina over time. Natural aniline dyes are used in the coloring of this leather.