History and Mission of Aberdeen Leather

In 1997, I realized a new challenge after devoting 20 years of servicing and developing upscale private label leather goods for the retail trade. I decided to expand my offering of fine leather goods to companies,associations, and individuals who desire a finer quality of make. Unlike companies who service this market with ready made promotional goods, Aberdeen caters to those who truly desire customized world class make in leather goods. Be it those who appreciate custom tailored clothing, custom fitted golf clubs, custom cabinetry,or even customized automobiles. Having leather goods custom made to order will allow you to determine the leather and features you desire, while also being price competitive. You will find significant cost savings when comparing our products to that of a couture brand or even to those products found through many promotional suppliers. Our leather goods make excellent gifts. Those receiving your custom products will quickly recognize the attention to detail,the rich leather patina,and of course, your deep struck debossed corporate logo. You can then choose our premier gift packaging options to enhance your gift presentation.

This site will offer examples of our products and capabilities. Because we make to order, your request for a special leather or other subtle changes made to an existing product can be achieved. We also enjoy the opportunity of working with clients who have a need to create a totally new product. We offer competitive pricing by eliminating unnecessary expense and direct our efforts totally towards your needs. We will quote and produce each order based on it’s quantity of units, type of leather selected, and other specs required to complete the project as you desire. We will produce your products in a quick and timely fashion. In most cases, delivery of your custom leather goods is only 4-6 weeks from receipt of your order.

Our modest production requirements will enable you to secure exquisitely handcrafted leather goods expressly made for your personal or corporate needs.  Our highly skilled craftsmen approach their work as a form of art.  Their attention to careful stitch work, French edge finishing, or glass smooth burnishing with painted edge finishing of handles and shoulder straps are just some of the details that go into making our premium goods. Combining our skilled craft with fine domestic and European leathers, high quality hardware, and other materials assures our customer a superior quality product.

Aberdeen Leather products have been the choice of world class auto makers, prestigious resorts and country clubs,as well as Fortune 500 businesses.

Aberdeen Leather’s commitment for uncompromising quality and value is the cornerstone for building long term customer satisfaction. Should you or your company have a need to secure fine leather goods,I hope you will turn to Aberdeen Leather.


W. David Motson